Thursday, March 7, 2013

Will the real Gamer Girls please stand up.....

(For those who have been living under a rock (top left to right ): Naomi Kyle, Jessica Chobot, Morgan Webb, Tara Long, and Lisa Foiles)

 These lovely ladies pictured above? Like it or not, these are the first ladies of gaming. Are they hot? Uh... am I black? (The answer is yes by the way...if you haven't seen my picture). Well known? If you DON'T know them, you either don't view the gaming media outlets or have been living under a rock, or a combination of the two. But here's the million dollar issue that always seems to come into question with these lovely young ladies: ARE THEY TRUE GAMERS?

Every time I hear this issue come up I kinda cringe because its really a non-issue to me. Let me start of by giving my answer to that million dollar question. Yes, I believe they are, in fact, gamers, or girl gamers as some us call them (I honestly hate that term and I will tell you why in a minute). I understand that some of the "real" (as they like to call themselves) gamers have a bit of flame on this subject and will say 'they're not real gamers! They're just a set of tits reading the news!' or 'they don't know what they're talking about!' Believe me I've heard it all. But level with me here flamers, what right do you have to determine whether ANYONE is die hard or faking. Hell, you might be a poser yourself. A lot of gamers, majority male, some female, go into this whole rant of "do you even game?" with other gamers but I find that these ladies get the majority of it because they're at the forefront. So I'll speak on them first and then female gamers in general.

Yes, it may seem like they're just reading and don't have opinion of their own, but they do have an opinion. See there's this nifty thing we have in society called "The News." And when you watch the news, the reporters are reading from a prompter. Reading facts, things that have actually happened. Well guess what chicken butt? This is the gaming news and these ladies are doin the exact same thing! <GASP!!!> AND THEY'RE EVEN THROWIN IN THEIR .75 CENTS! <BIGGER GASP!!!!> Second thing, (and this is key because this applies to all gamers male, female, popular, etc.) unless you have worked with them in the past, go to dinner with them every now and then, have them on speed dial or what have you, YOU DON'T TRULY KNOW THEM!!!!!!!!! They have a job to do so they have to talk about things either you don't care about or they don't care about. More often than not they are reading reviews written by other editors, or just reading what's going on in the gaming world. But know that they do have an opinion, just like everyone else. But when the lights go off at the IGN office Naomi could go home and get straight on Warcraft all night. Lisa could probably kick your ass at Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Morgan has said "Skyrim is a way of life." Jessica probably kicks Blair's ass on a nightly basis in ANYTHING! But we're not there, so we don't know, so we can't judge, and even if we could its not our place!

Then there's this whole "gamer girl/girl gamer/whatever the hell people are calling female gamers these days" thing. Last time I checked a gamer is a gamer regardless of genitalia. Yes, the majority of gamers online and off are guys, and because of this many people believe.......

But its not. It's just a thing. Period. If I meet a girl on Gran Turismo 5 (my fave PS title by the by) I'm not impressed by the fact that she has tits and a vagina, I'm impressed that she just dusted me on Nurburgring in an underpowered car. Or I would be impressed that she's a good regicide player in Halo 4. I'm not saying all female gamers are in just for the game, there are indeed some who do it for the attention; the fame and the following so to speak. Some just get that following just because they are hot, or they are female. Some really don't ask for it. Weren't even trying that hard that hard to get it. It just happened. So because of the ones who do it for the attention, a lot of other gamers, male and female, have their guards up in terms of who's real and who's fake. Again, not my place to judge. If you do it for the attention, that's fine. I personally could care less. We all have our individual reasons for gaming. So why should someone else's reason affect the way you look at them. Our reasons for gaming are just like our brains, everyone has them, but no two are the exact same.

What happened to the days when you played with someone or liked someone because you have common ground or because of, I dunno, SKILL? 'Hey I see you play <insert game here>, too. Let's be friends!' 'Wow, that was a great race, let's do another one and maybe you can help me with my tune.' What the hell happened to that? Now it's turned into 'do you even game?' and those 5 lovely ladies pictured at the top are taking all the flame. And for what? Because they happen to be hot as hell, and that's enough cause for doubt? They didn't ask or beg for the attention, they just got it, hell, earned it. So why hate or doubt them? Or any gamer for that matter? You don't have the right! You're not gaming Jesus or gaming Obama. So take a page from gaming MLK's dream and live in a world where gamers of all races, creeds, genders, sexualities can all go online, join hands, and sing in the words of that proud gaming spiritual "Kicked yo ass! Kicked yo ass! Good God Almighty we kicked yo ass!"

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