Friday, January 11, 2013

Do You Even MLG Bra'?

It's been a hot minute since I've done ANY kind of blogging about anything, but I'm getting the writing itch back so I thought I should write about my adventures of online gaming.  So grab a beer, or whatever you prefer, and sit back for the ride cause' Imma type it out (OK!) Imma type it out (OK!).

So my first entry is about FPS shooters; pretty much all FPS's but I mainly play COD or Halo so I'll focus on those.  I watch a lot of streams on, whether it be just casual gaming, tournaments, or the more serious feeds.  But one thing I have noticed tremendously through most people I watch, and even when I'm playing online myself, is that people take K/D waaaaaay too seriously.

Even when gamers pick people to play with online the first thing they'll look at is K/D and if its too low they'll thing he or she has cooties or something.  As the title of my blog says I'm a casual gamer, but as of recent I've been getting a competitive itch.  Even still, K/D isn't an issue to me because I'm more of a objective based gamer; I play the damn objective.  Sure you can go 40-12 in kill confirmed, but guess what?  We were playing KILL CONFIRMED and you only confirmed 8 and denied 2, and someone went 25-28 and still came in first on the team because they went after as many tags as they could and you just left them lying around for the other team to deny.  If you play the objective kills will come your way and you might just win, instead of just going for kills like you're playing TDM.  And people will still brag, talk the biggest shit about their K/D at the end of a match, but still come in 4th or 5th on their team.  Same with Halo, I'll play something like CTF, for instance, I'll rush for the flag if you need me to or I'll stay back at base and protect, but one thing remains the same, I could give two shits about K/D as long as I'm doing what I can for the objective.  If I am playing TDM then I might, keyword might, actually give a damn about it because deaths actually do matter then, but otherwise I'm all out of fucks to give and I don't think the other fucks will get shipped in anytime soon.  Some games I'm absolute shit, others I do okay, and then maybe once in a blue moon I'll play like I ate my Wheaties that morning (might even talk a lil shit: maybe throw out a "Kobe tell me how my ass tastes" all in good fun), but either way I'm just there to have fun, half the time I'm having a beer or some form of adult beverage while I'm playing so I'm relaxed as well so I NEVER TAKE IT THAT DAMN SERIOUSLY.

I was actually with a friend who was streaming last night (shoutout to 3 Girls 1 Channel for inviting me to the game) and we were playing domination in BO2.  During halftime this one random guy on the other team talked the most shit to us about his K/D, which was just okay but he still was 2nd or 3rd on his team, and finished his shit talking with "you should come see me on MLG!"  .................Seriously?  It became the running joke for the rest of our games last night.  DO YOU EVEN MLG BRA'?  He-haw-fuckin-larious.  Guys like this make MLG look sooooooo fuckin bad.  And the worst part is I have no problem with MLG!  MLG players like Tsquared who make it look easy and are relatively humble about it are aces in my book.  But guys like the one we played with last night, and some girl gamers (yes, there are even some girl gamers like this), act like they're in a club wearing douchey shirts and drinking red bull and vodka, or in their cases NOS or Monster.  If you ever get a chance check out this video by the guys at Sanity Not Included, which pretty much describes people like this, or this full episode that shows someone with COD complex, fast forward to 3:36 on this one for the scene (shoutout to Dexter and Lyle at Sanity Not Included for these hilarious videos!).

There are many types of gamers.  Some people are casual, others are a lil competitive, and some are hardcore.  To each his/her own, but when you take it too seriously and put on your Xtra Hard Xtra Large trypants on and brag about K/D and shit on your other team members, well good sir or madam, you have entered the douche zone.  Advice: just for a few games take off the trypants, pour yourself a drink, and sit back and play without thinking of K/D or anything like that (still help your team, don't be a slouch), but most of all have fun.  Seriously, try it out (OK!......I have got to get that song out of my head.).  Until next time, I'll see you on the virtual battlefield.

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